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Author twleung
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Date 2008-11-13.19:59:00
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And courtesy of Philip Jenvey, here I am.

I would *really* like to work to help make this happen.   Laszlo Peter
at Sun has been doing the ports of Python on Solaris, but we are not up
to 2.6 just yet.  I'm attaching a pointer to his patches against 2.5:

These patches include John Levon's ustack provider, which if you care
about DTrace and Python, you want to have.

I've also had some conversations with people at Apple, and they have
agreed that they will pull DTrace probes from if they got in
there.  That would solve the diverging probe problem.

I'd love to have a discussion about DTrace probe futures for CPython --
probably on python-dev.
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