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Date 2008-11-13.18:55:30
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On Thu, Nov 13, 2008 at 08:05, Skip Montanaro <> wrote:
> Skip Montanaro <> added the comment:
> Brett>
>    ...
>    Brett>
> Thanks for the pointers.  I'll work on getting a uniform patch which
> incorporates both.  (Though some of the comments in the OpenSolaris patch
> are a bit scary.)
>    Brett> There's another problem (I think) with DTrace probes ... if the
>    Brett> Apple guys release Apple-Probe-Python.d and the Sun guys release
>    Brett> Sun-Probe-Python.d (just two scripts) and we setup our probes
>    Brett> differently, one or both will fail (because one may expect a
>    Brett> probe for foo while another expects a probe for bar).  Kind of
>    Brett> sucks, considering Sun was first and Apple chose to probe Python
>    Brett> differently.
> Yeah, that would suck.  It would be nice if they could agree on a common set
> of probes.  I don't know that we have any contacts within the two
> development communities but if we can scare some up maybe we can get them to
> talk to each other. :-/

Obviously Ronald is the Apple insider to talk to. If you want Sun, you
might want to talk to Ted Leung and see who he can put you in touch
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