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Date 2008-11-13.03:31:43
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Brett> They have released the changes, that's what my patch (attached to
    Brett> the issue) is based on.

I see the reference to Apple in your original post, but can't find anything
related to dtrace & python starting from the URL you gave.  Do you have
something more specific?

At this point Jeff's code does a fair bit more than simply tracing the
CALL_FUNCTION opcode but needs some work with the other CALL_FUNCTION_*
opodes.  It also has some obmalloc tracing which I've not yet tested.  I
would have thought Apple would more heavily instrument the interpreter than
it appears they have.

    Brett> It's working, it just needs to be cleaned up (it will fail, I
    Brett> believe, for people on systems without DTrace - as I said I'm not
    Brett> very familiar with Makefiles).

I took care of the stuff today.  The intent is
that you would configure using --enable-dtrace then not have to do anything
else to build a dtrace-aware interpreter.

    Brett> You can use it now against 2.6 and probably with very few changes
    Brett> against 2.5.  

We are using 2.4 at work and it works there.  I'm fairly certain we should
be able to get it working for the entire 2.x and 3.x series with only a
little effort.

(I still need to get approval to release it, but I don't think that will be
a big deal.  I've already alerted my boss and he's generally receptive to
such things.)

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