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Date 2008-11-09.21:51:14
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a new patch that will use the grammar definition from Python/graminit.c
- it is as of yet untested for Cygwin (can't get to that machine right
now). It follows the same pattern as the previous, i.e. it makes us of
an accessor function to get the grammar definition.

This has expanded the patch somewhat to include changes to:

 - for Cygwin environment.
 - Parser/pgenmain.c to write out the function body
 - Python/pythonrun.c to use the new function
 - Include/grammar.h to declare the new function
 - Modules/parsermodule.c to use the new function

All of which makes me think that the change to make the symbol "public"
and use it directly without hiding it is a better way to go.

Will look at this under my Cygwin environment tomorrow. (I have run a
configre - make - test cycle on Ubuntu (hardy heron) and it is OK [but
then its not broken there anyway :-) ] )
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