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Author aheider
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Date 2008-10-24.09:28:58
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I tried to use _CRT_NOFORCE_MANIFEST but i couldn't get it working.
There're some infos about this approach at
, but even with the mentioned "__declspec(selectany) int
_forceCRTManifest[RTM];" statement, i wasn't able to suppress the
manifest dependency :(

Microsoft, in its infinite wisdom, decided to compile the CRT itself
with those #pragma's enabled. That puts the "/manifestdependency" linker
arguments in msvcrt.lib. When you link against that file you get that
CRT manifest entry, whether you like it or not :(
Looks like _CRT_NOFORCE_MANIFEST only works if you build your own CRT
without the #pragma's.
Of course that only applies to the dynamic version of the CRT, when
using /MT the manifest hell just vanishes.

I'm unsure what the best way to fix this issue for python is...
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