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Author dclemente
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Date 2008-10-22.21:07:30
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The attached patch against today's trunk adds a new option to the "list"
("l") command of the debugger (pdb): "l ."

"l" starts showing the portion of code which contains the current line.
Further calls to "l" show the code below that. I found that I needed a
way to see the original line again. Manually I'd do "w" to see the
current line number and then "l 123" or so.
The new command "l ." brings you again to the code portion that was
shown first time, so this is automatic and faster.

I have absolutely no preference for the syntax "."; please change it if
something else would be more mnemonic or consistent.

Since this is my first patch; please complain if I do something wrong.
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