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Author koen
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Date 2008-10-21.17:57:00
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Instead of reverting the patch for Issue 2563, I propose to strip the 
VC90 runtimes from the manifest (this will preserve other dependencies 
needed). I checked this by editing tk85.dll and replacing the 
dependency there with white-space - the Windows Common Controls 
dependency still worked properly after this. I've attached a patch to 
strip the runtime from the manifest when building Python extensions 
(through search/replace).

I think somehow the manifests of the .pyd's in DLLs should also be 
edited, because leaving them out will cause problems if this is done 
when building tk85.dll. Or perhaps only special care is needed if there 
ever is a .pyd with additional dependencies? All files with the .pyd 
extension do not rely on anything else. I don't know enough about the 
build process to suggest a change for this, except that the build 
config for the .dll files inside DLLs might also need to be changed.
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