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Author ray
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Date 2008-10-16.02:54:54
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> We are all volunteers here, and I see three replies.
> This may or may not be trivial to fix, and may take some time.

> Python docs are written in rst format and translated by Sphinx to
> various formats.  The main translation is to html, as viewed on the
> site. Translation to .pdf is indirect via translation to latex and then
> from latex to .pdf.  Since the .html index appears flawless, and since a
> different .pdf has problems, I suspect that the .pdf index problem is in
> one of the two translation steps.  Hence the change of component.

> In the meanwhile, either ignore the index or use the html version.

Thanks a lot for you reply. I just intend to raise somebody's attention
to this 
problem in order to improve reader's experience.

It might or might not be a trivial to fix though.
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