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Victor, what kind of content have you tried this with?  For instance, have
you passed unencoded (Content-Transfer-Encoding: binary) binary data through
it, by mailing a JPEG, for instance?  These things are strings really only
at the application level; the data is still bytes.  In addition, the use of
Latin-1 goes against the explicit directives of the IMAP group, doesn't it?
They're pushing UTF-8.


On Tue, Oct 14, 2008 at 4:27 AM, STINNER Victor <>wrote:

> STINNER Victor <> added the comment:
> Here is a patch for imaplib:
>  - add encoding attribute to IMAP4 class (as ftplib and see also issue
> 3727 for my poplib patch)
>  - use makefile('r', encoding=self.encoding) instead of a binary file
> (mode='rb')
>  - remove duplicate code in IMAP4_SSL
> I choosed ISO-8859-1 as the default charset. I tested the library on
> my local IMAP4 server using IMAP4 and IMAP4_SSL classes. But the
> library needs more unit tests as done for poplib.
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