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Author vstinner
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Date 2008-10-14.12:41:42
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> Do you suggest that 'buffering' should be allowed 
> as positional argument?

No, I would prefer to keep also two positional arguments: file and 
mode. I hate open(filename, 'r', s): I don't know what is s, the 
buffering or the encoding? And I think that beginner would also be 
distribed by this third argument. Sometimes, it's easy to understand 
the 3 arguments of a function, like re.match("[a-z]", t, 
re.IGNORECASE). But for open(), I would prefer explicit arguments.

And so socket.makefile() should also be "fixed" to keep only 2 
positional arguments.

It's my opinion and if you really want to keep compatibility with 
Python2, keep the 3 positional arguments.
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