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Date 2008-10-08.06:55:32
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> It is not documented anywhere but in the code

These also appear in file names of bdist commands, right? So I think it
should be documented.

> We (Bob Ippolitto and I) had some discussion about the architecture  
> strings when
> we were working on support for universal binaries and rejected my  
> initial suggestion
> of using "i386,ppc" instead of "fat" because that would be unwieldy.

OK. I wonder how you will call fat 64-bit binaries (i.e. ppc64 and
amd64), but I can live with that semantics as long as it's documented
(I actually question that it is documented in the code. If somebody
would put "-arch Itanium" in her CFLAGS, which might be supported in
10.9, it would infer that the architecture is "fat").
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