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Date 2008-09-29.11:47:59
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Good work, Matthew.  Now, another bazaar hint, IMHO, is once of my
favourite commands: switch.  I generally develop all in one directory,
rather than getting a new directory for each branch.  Once does have to
be VERY careful to type "bzr info" to make sure the branch you're
editing is the one you think it is! but with "bzr switch", you do a
differential branch switch that allows you to change your development
branch quickly and painlessly.  This assumes you did a "bzr checkout"
and not a "bzr pull".  If you did a pull, you can still turn this into a
"checkout", where all VCS actions are mirrored on the server, by using
the 'bind' command.  Make sure you push your branch first.  You don't
need to worry about all this "bind"ing, "push"ing and "pull"ing if you
choose checkout, but OTOH, if your connection is over-all very slow, you
may still be better off with a "pull"ed branch rather than a
"checkout"ed one.

Anyway, good catch on those 4 lines and I'll see if I can get your
earlier branches up to date.
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