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Author mrabarnett
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Date 2008-09-28.02:51:59
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I haven't yet found out how to turn on compression when getting the
branches, so I've only looked at
lp:~pythonregexp2.7/python/issue2636+01+09-02+17+18+19+20+21+24+26. I
did see that the SRE_FLAG_REVERSE flag was missing.

BTW, I ran re.findall(r"(?m)^(.*re\..+\\m)$", text) where text was 67MB
of emails. Python v2.5.2 took 2.4secs and the new version 5.6secs. Ouch!
I added 4 lines to _sre.c and tried again. 1.1secs. Nice! :-)
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