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Date 2008-09-23.22:47:22
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> Would be nice to use that fuzzer myself. Details, please :).

It's not the best place to explain it, so I will try explain shortly:
* install fusil 1.0: use mandriva/debian packages, or use sources
* (create fusil user group)
* run "sudo fusil-python --module=_bsddb"

The best way is to use the trunk version (without installation)!
cd <your fusil home>
svn co python-ptrace
svn co fusil
export PYTHONPATH=$PWD/python-ptrace/ptrace:$PWD/fusil:$PYTHONPATH
sudo <your python interpreter> ./fusil/fuzzer/fusil-python --module=_bsddb
(refer to python-ptrace/INSTALL and fusil/INSTALL)

You have to run the fuzzer as root to be able to run child processes as the 
fusil user. Never run fusil as root or it will kill you(r computer)!

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