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I'd like to appeal that decision. That the turtle module is implemented
in Tkinter is, well, an implementation detail. What matters to the end
user is the turtle API, which has little to do with Tkinter (at least,
the most high-level API doesn't).

I think it is a mistake to have the module in the tkinter package, hence
I marked this bug release-critical, and would like to ask that this is
reconsidered before rc2 (clearly, when 3.0 is released, this mistake
cannot be corrected easily anymore).

In considering this issue, please understand the target audience of the
turtle module: children that just learn programming. I completely agree
with Kirill (and also with Gregor Lingl, who complained about this also,
but didn't follow up). For these people, stability of documentation is
much more important than for trained programmers: when they get an
import error, they consider all kinds of problems (such as them having
mistyped things, or the computer being broken and the module being
missing); the real cause (arbitrary renaming) doesn't come to their mind
as the first thing.

Attached is a patch that has the necessary changes.

Guido, would you be willing to pronounce?
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