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Date 2008-09-15.14:58:07
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The people in the nose list will receive emails each time a message is
sent to the issue.

Now back to your new problem.. the new problem you are reporting here
has been discussed at (where you will
find a solution).

And your final question.. It is very nice if people report any problems
they find, they all will be noticed but some will receive more attention
than others. In your specific bug report, it happened to be already
fixed in the current development version so I just sent a "standard
message". So, finishing up, it is always good to search for issues that
may be the one you are reporting so duplicates are not created.
Sometimes you won't be able to find them, that is fine, but if you find
one be sure to add something to it (if you have something to add) or
don't create a duplicate.

Sorry if this response is too dry.
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