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Date 2008-09-14.12:39:29
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The 2 attached patch files are patches required for the OS/2 EMX port to
build and function:
- build_os2emx.patch - updates to the Makefile and config files in
- source_os2emx.patch - updates to various core/library/test files.
=> Include/pystrcmp.h (OS/2 is like Windows, with the same C lib routines)
=> Lib/test/ (OS/2 is like Windows again)
=> Objects/floatobject.c (should use macro'd symbols not direct)
=> Python/pymath.c (any platform without HAVE_LOG1P should have
DBL_EPSILON in <float.h>)

For review so that the fixes can be rolled into 2.6 final.
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