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Date 2008-09-12.00:25:32
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> Benchmarks to prove or disprove performance changes?

Agreed, benchmarks should be run.

> Subclasses to 
> offer different order by semantics (see the version I uploaded for an
> example)?

If you like, but "ordering semantics" is something which is just as
easily done in Python, so I don't understand the point of integrating it
in the dbm layer...

> Consistent behavior wrt dictionaries?

It sounds like an example of foolish consistency to me. The performance
characteristics are certainly too different to consider dbm.anything a
transparent replacement for standard dicts. And dbm.sqlite only accepts
strings, not the wide range of datatypes that dicts accept as keys and
values... so, given the big picture, I don't see why you care about such
a mostly pointless detail.
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