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Author ncoghlan
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Date 2008-09-10.15:19:37
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Cleanup patch now attached. Details of changes:

- warnings.catch_warnings() now has reentry guards (and associated
tests) to prevent silent errors when misused

- added back a test_support.check_warnings() convenience wrapper
(deliberately changing the name to be different from the context manager
in the warnings module). This wrapper is no longer configurable - it is
now used solely for tests that want to record normal warnings and check
the results.

- restored the w.reset() calls that went away in the previous checkin

- unit tests that want to test a different module, or don't want
warnings recorded now consistently use warnings.catch_warnings() directly

- cleanups up to the respective documentation

- cleanups to test_py3kwarn so it is better behaved when other tests are
run before it (the lack of reinitialisation of extension modules still
causes problems though)

- tested with "./python -3 -m test.regrtest -uall -x test_ossaudiodev"
(exclusion is needed because test_ossaudiodev hasn't worked properly on
my machine in a very long time - the audio file playback runs overtime
and I've never found the time to figure out why)

Just needs a review and then should be good to go.
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