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Author rpetrov
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Date 2008-09-01.21:49:14
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This is minimal patch that add basic cross-compilation possibilities for
python build (configure script).

The patch add macro AC_CANONICAL_HOST.
This macro require files config.guess, config.sub. The patch don't
include them. You may obtain them from GNU automake tarbal.

As result of macro new variable $host ("host triplet":=cpu-verdor-os) is
used to detect so called "host system".

Since this is basic patch, detection of build system in native builds
based on $ac_sys_system and/or $ac_sys_release isn't replaced. This
detection isn't appropriate for cross-compilation environment as contain
values for "build system" and has to be replaces in addition by future

Also the patch posted in (about
environment variable MACHDEP) isn't required for native builds, but will
help in case of cross-compilation.
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