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Date 2008-08-24.21:13:25
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I'm sorry that I was unavailable for comment during July and August as
it looks like a lot of decisions were made that have changed the
semantics a bit.  I'm still trying to figure out why the decisions were
made that were made.   

I get the impression that most of the problems are related to objects
incorrectly managing their exported buffers, but there may be some
semantic issues related to "t#" that were not conceived of during the
many discussions surrounding the design of PEP 3118.  

I'm not convinced that Py_buffer should have grown a link to an object.
 I think this is a shortcut solution due to misuse of the protocol that
may have unfortunate consequences. 

I'm not sure where PyBuffer_Release came from.  I can't find it in the
PEP and don't remember what it's purpose is.  Did I add it or did
somebody elese?
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