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checking hostnames is false security, not real security.

On 8/20/08, Heikki Toivonen <> wrote:
>  Heikki Toivonen <> added the comment:
> I would think most people/applications want to know to which host they
>  are talking to. The reason I am advocating adding a default check to the
>  stdlib is because this is IMO important for security, and it is easy to
>  get it wrong (I don't think I have it 100% correct in M2Crypto either,
>  although I believe it errs on the side of caution). I believe it would
>  be a disservice to ship something that effectively teaches developers to
>  ignore security (like the old socket.ssl does).
>  A TLS extension also allows SSL vhosts, so static IPs are no longer
>  strictly necessary (this is not universally supported yet, though).
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