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Date 2008-08-15.04:09:37
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I ran into a few problems while trying to fix this issue. First, does
someone know how to add class attributes on extension types? It sounds
like I will need either some tp_dict hacking or a Pickler subclass.

Second, which methods of Pickler should be made public? I know
save_reduce() is needed, but would it be worthwhile to expose more? In
the recipe Amaury linked (which abuses Pickler IMHO), save_global(),
save_dict(), write() and memoize() are used. Exposing all save_* methods
is out of question for now as none were written to be used standalone.

Third, should Pickler allows pickling support for built-in types (e.g.,
int, dict, tuple, etc) to be overridden? Currently, allows it.
However, I am not sure if it is a good idea to copy this "feature" in
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