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Date 2008-08-12.16:04:38
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I agree that given two similar patches, the one with more tests earns
some bonus points. Also, it seems to me that round-trippability of
quote()/unquote() is a logical and semantic requirement: in particular,
if there is a default encoding, it should be the same for both.

> For future apps, this should almost certainly be UTF-8
> (if it isn't, the website won't be able to accept form input across all
> characters, so isn't Unicode compliant anyway).

Actually, it will be able to accept such form input, as characters not
supported by the charset should be entity-encoded by the browser (e.g.

I have no strong opinion on the very remaining points you listed, except
that IMHO encode_rfc2231 with charset=None should not try to use UTF8
by default. But someone with more mail protocol skills should comment :)
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