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Date 2008-08-12.15:26:41
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By the way, what is the current status of this bug? Is anybody waiting
on me to do anything? (Re: Patch 9)

To recap my previous list of outstanding issues raised by the review:

> Should unquote accept a bytes/bytearray as well as a str?
Currently, does not. I think it's meaningless to do so (and how to
handle >127 bytes, if so?)

> Lib/email/
> Should encode_rfc2231 with charset=None accept strings with non-ASCII
> characters, and just encode them to UTF-8?
Currently does. Suggestion to restrict to ASCII on the review tracker;
simple fix.

> Should quote raise a TypeError if given a bytes with encoding/errors
> arguments? (Motivation: TypeError is what you usually raise if you
> supply too many args to a function).
Resolved. Raises TypeError.

> Lib/urllib/
> (As discussed above) Should quote accept safe characters outside the
> ASCII range (thereby potentially producing invalid URIs)?
Resolved? Implemented, but too messy and not worth it just to produce
invalid URIs, so NOT in patch.

That's only two very minor yes/no issues remaining. Please comment.
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