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About (2**52-1)*2.**(-1074):  same outcome under Cygwin 2.5.1, which is
presumably based on David Gay's "perfect rounding" code.  Cool ;-)

Under the native Windows 2.5.1:

>>> x = (2**52-1)*2.**(-1074)
>>> x
>>> y = eval(repr(x))
>>> y

Hard to say whether that's actually worse :-(

About %.15g, good point!  It probably would "make Guido happy".  It's
hard to know for sure, because despite what people say about this, the
real objection to the status quo is aesthetic, not technical, and
there's no disputing tastes.

My tastes agree that %.17g is a pain in the ass when using the
interactive shell -- I rarely want to see so many digits.  But %.15g,
and even %.12g, would /still/ be a pain in the ass, and for the same
reason.  Most times I'd be happiest with plain old %g (same as %.6g). 
OTOH, sometimes I do want to see all the bits, and sometimes I'd like a
fixed format (like %.2f), and so on.

Alas, all choices suck for strong reasons (either technical or aesthetic
 -- and, BTW, your "lots of trailing zeroes" idea won't fly because of
the latter).

The introduction of hex formats for floats should make this starkly
clear:  using hex I/O for float repr would be the ideal technical
choice:  easy to code, extremely fast, compact representation, and
highly portable.  Those are supposedly repr's goals, regardless of
whether the repr string is easily readable by humans.  But you know
without asking that using hex format for repr(float) has no chance of
being adopted -- because it's ugly :-)
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