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> did you notice msg69367 and the attached file that shows the problem in
> a trivial test case?

I didn't understand it, so I ignored it. What use of localtime, by whom,
what tools? The mentioning of localtime seems to come out of nowhere.
(later messages clarified these, apparently: if localtime is called in
an extension, then the extension won't load, otherwise, it will load)

> The gui depends program found the following issues:

That's likely the one that I was asking for.

> In any event the net result is that if a Python extension uses current
> MinGW and localtime() then it will compile and link correctly on Python
> 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6b1 & 3.0b1.  However it won't run on 2.6b1 or 3.0b1
> due to some sort of mismatch between those versions of Python using new
> MSVC runtime and/or MinGW.

That sounds rather like a bug in MinGW. Can you ask on one of their
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