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Date 2008-06-28.20:31:53
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Le samedi 28 juin 2008 à 20:12 +0000, Raymond Hettinger a écrit :
> Raymond Hettinger <> added the comment:
> -1 on the new macros.  The mnemonic doesn't work for me and the example 
> code fragments are to my eyes less readable than before.  These add to 
> the learning curve for reading and writing C extensions and provide 
> nearly zero benefits.  

They might not be ideal, but I think they can be helpful to avoid
writing incorrect code out of laziness. There is already Py_CLEAR with
similar purposes.

> Assigning from an INCREF feels weird.  It is somewhat at odds with our 
> coding style where we tend to stick with dirt simple C, trying to put 
> operations on different lines rather than combining too many step in a 
> single line.

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