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Date 2008-06-21.19:22:13
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Le samedi 21 juin 2008 à 16:40 +0000, sebastian serrano a écrit :
> sebastian serrano <> added the comment:
> Running with python -O the timing gets a little closer between Lock and
> RLock. This code won't be easy to improve in performance. 
> The heaviest call is current_thread(), used at lines:
> 117:    me = current_thread()
> 137:    if self.__owner is not current_thread():

One could always try to rewrite RLock by replacing calls to
threading.current_thread() with thread.get_ident().

However, given the profile table you have appended, it will only save at
most 30% of the time. If someone needs a more important speed-up, he
should reimplement the RLock type in C (and contribute it back :-)).
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