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Author llucax
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Date 2008-06-16.19:08:11
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I'm having the same problem here.

Error is: cPickle.PicklingError: Can't pickle qos.Device: it's not the
same object as qos.Device

If I use pickle module, it works fine. If I use cPickle module but with
protocol=0, it works fine (protocol=1 or protocol=2 both fail).

I'm trying to make a simple example that reproduce the problem, but I
couldn't do it yet (small tests seems to work). So for now, I just can
only offer the complete source code of my project[1] (see branch
"python-bug-2295"). Not that the bug is exposed by the commit
b0ef5dd[2], and it's only exposed in the "qos" module (other modules
works fine).

To see the backtrace it should be enough to download the project (you
can download a tarball[3] or use git via git protocol[4] -preferred- or
http[5]) and execute ./pymind

[4] git clone git://
[5] git clone
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