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Author schuppenies
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Date 2008-06-13.19:42:04
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sys.maxunicode is well defined to be either 0xFFFF for UCS-2
or 0x10FFFF for UCS-4 (see PyUnicode_GetMax).

Py_UNICODE_SIZE is set in pyconfig.h to be either 2 or 4 during
configuration. When >= 4, Py_UNICODE_WIDE is set which again influences

Thus, it currently is possible to derive Py_UNICODE_SIZE from
sys.maxunicode. But it takes some indirections.

So here are 2 possible patches, one which exposes Py_UNICODE_SIZE via
_testcapi and one which assumes that sys.maxunicode reflects UCS-X
settings. Since I am a fairly new Python developer and the new
4-eyes-per-commit policy for the beta phase, please decide which patch
should be applied.
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