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Date 2008-06-03.17:14:57
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> The documentation of the tokenize module says: "The line passed is the
> *logical* line; continuation lines are included."
> I suggest that this will be changed to something like "The line passed
> is the index of the string returned by the readline function, plus 1.
> That is, the first string returned is called line 1, the second is
> called line 2, and so on."

The emphasis of *logical* may help us understand that it is a complete line.

I find the wording of solution bit awkward, tough I am able to get what it is
trying to say.

- Index of string returned by readline function ??  and plus 1. ??

How about, 

The line passed is the *logical* non-blank line; continuation lines are included.
The row counting starts from one.
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