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Date 2008-05-27.20:47:32
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I have written this patch because urlparse could not retrieve the
hostname or port components of URIs such as
http://[::ffff:]/ or http://[dead:beef::1]:8888/

This problem happens with Python 2.5.1 in Fedora 9, and I have also
found it in Python's SVN trunk/ and release25-maint/ source code.

It still needs some polishing and thinking: See the places marked
FIXME, but probably also others. One would not want an inconsistent
API feel with respect to IPv6 address handling.

Might require some more comprehensive thought about how Python wants
to handle networks other-than-IPv4, exceeding the scope of a simple
patch to

On a not-totally-unrelated note, someone should examine whether IRIs[1]
can fit into, or whether they need e.g. a separate with an adapted API.

[1] RFC 3987 - Internationalized Resource Identifiers (IRIs)
    M. Duerst, M. Suignard, January 2005
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