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Date 2008-05-26.16:35:27
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You can get a contributor agreement at

1. We will add it to the 2.6, and tree and it will be ported to 3.0.

2. As long as it's compatible, it will replace the old turtle in 2.6.

3. We're trying not to change the APIs too much, but this is a
possibility if you deprecate them in 2.6.

4. reST is what we are using. If you could give the doc team a plain
text, we'd be happy to work with you and convert it to reST.

5. We can probably give you commit access to maintain your module. In
that case you can just do your fixes in Subversion.

6. I don't know. :)

7. Yes.

8. I think we could use some examples in the Demo directory.

Thanks for contributing!
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