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Date 2008-05-23.10:02:56
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Hi Tarek,

here's a review:

* The new docs are not very clear about ignore_patterns being a function
factory. E.g.:

"""The callable must return a list of folder and file names relative to
the path, that will be ignored in the copy process.
:func:`ignore_patterns` is an example of such callable."""

Rather, the *return value* of ignore_patterns is an example of such a

* The new docs should also note that copytree is called recursively, and
therefore the ignore callable will be called once for each directory
that is copied.

* Instead of "path and its elements" the terminology should be
"directory" and "the list of its contents, as returned by os.listdir()".
Likewise, "folder" should be "directory".

* The second new example makes me wonder if *ignore* is the correct name
for the parameter. Is *filter* better?

* A nit; the signature should be "copytree(src, dst[, symlinks[, ignore]])".

* The patch adds a space in the definition of rmtree().
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