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I thought you might say that :-).  No, I'm good with this resolution.  If I
provide a patch, it will be for the LD_LIBRARY_PATH problem.

Though -- I think there's an interesting question about what the purpose of
"find_library()" actually is, as opposed to what it's current implementation
is.  I disagree with Ronald's strict reading of the documentation.  I think
it should emulate the behavior of the dynamic linker, not the C compiler.
That is, it should look for the libraries as "" (or its platform
equivalent) would, because the purpose of finding them is to load them with
CDLL.  This behavior is different from what the compiler does.

I also think find_library() should just be moved into the ctypes library,
not dangling off by itself in the otherwise unused util sub-module.


On Wed, May 21, 2008 at 11:39 AM, Thomas Heller <>

> Thomas Heller <> added the comment:
> Thanks, Ronald.  Sounds like this bug could be closed then.
> Bill, if you want a library search function with different semantics,
> I suggest you open a feature request, describe the sematics that
> should be used and (ideally) provide a patch.
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