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Author Devin Jeanpierre
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Date 2008-05-15.17:02:00
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In the curses module documentation <
curses.html >, there is a link to a curses-howto, at < >. That page doesn't 
exist: it gives an HTTP 404.

I am aware that the last time I reported a documentation error it was 
actually fixed in the unreleased most recent version of the docs. I am 
not sure where that was meant-- I can't find anything but the 2.6 alpha 
docs < >, where the error is indeed 
corrected (< >, < >). If was what was meant 
(I'd always thought that errors would get corrected right away (in the 
same version), so it doesn't fit with my expectations), then I 
apologize for making a wasteful report. I figured that it would be 
better to risk a bit of time wasted than leave an error until later.
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