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Date 2008-05-11.16:16:42
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Attached are 2 patches and a test script adding a function sum to the 
math and cmath modules of Python 2.6a3.  The sum is calculated using a 
full precision summation method.

The test script compares the result of the functions with the original 
implementation in Python.  All tests pass with 4 different builds of 
Python 2.6a3:

- GNU gcc 4.0.1 on MacOS X 10.4.11 (Intel Core Duo), 32-bit
- GNU gcc 4.1.2 on RHEL 3 update 7 (Opteron), 64-bit
- Sun C 5.8 on Solaris 10 (Opteron), both 32- and 64-bit
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