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Date 2008-05-02.19:50:06
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This functionality is enabled as of revision 62644

The actual patch is slightly more involved than the attached patches, 
the patch forgot to add a variable to Mac/ and doesn't patch 
Mac/IDLE/ at all.

I've also made the Info.plist inside applications and the framework 
dynamic (that is, patched by configure), that way the Python version is 
automaticly patched into these files.

Furthermore the framework identifier is changed when you use the --with-
framework-name argument to configure.

There is one minor open issue with this patch, which I won't fix: adds ~/Library/Python/... to sys.path, but only if 
"Python.framework" is in sys.prefix. That code won't trigger when 
building a framework with another name (such as --with-framework-
name=Stackless). I don't think that can be fixed without modifying during configure or installation. (see, line 199)
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