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On Wed, Apr 9, 2008 at 3:08 PM, Justin Ferguson <> wrote:

>  Okay, so I'm not sure whose point of view takes precedence here?

I don't have a strong view on this, but just a few points to consider:

1. If you change PyString_FromStringAndSize, you should change
PyBytes_FromStringAndSize and PyUnicode_FromStringAndSize for

2. Non-debug check should probably set a ValueError exception and
return NULL.  Think what kind of message you can generate inside
*_FromStringAndSize that would be helpful to the end user.  The caller
is likely to be able to provide a much better diagnostic.

3. Maybe instead of setting a ValueError, a SystemError should be
raised.  In this case the calle will still be clearly responsible for
the pre-condition, but programming errors will not present security

4. You have clearly identified several bugs that are not covered by
unittests.  If you fix them en-mass by making
PyString_FromStringAndSize more forgiving, we will miss an opportunity
to improve the test coverage. (If you take the SystemError approach,
this does not apply.)
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