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Author aschmolck
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Date 2008-03-24.04:06:29
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Ah, well nice to see this finally going somewhere, although I'm a bit
puzzled as to why my patch was "clearly not implemented" :)

Andy, wrt. to your points:
1.  Yes, but see below.

2. Are you sure using inspect.ismethod is an improvement? I'm pretty
sure I was aware of it and didn't use it for a reason -- from a
superficial glance it appears to me that inspect.getmethod is just
broken for this purpose. Or do you have a good reason why you'd like to
exclude e.g. methods inherited from a builtin? I have no time to check
right now, maybe the behavior of ismethod has changed or I remember it
wrongly, but in general I think doc-lookup should be oblivious to
changes that are transparent at the interface level and whether
something is inherited from a builtin or not is should be considered as
a mere implementation detail and not at all affect the documentation lookup.

3. I don't feel strongly about this but I'm personally not that keen on
using comments as a substitute for docs -- I see no point in conflating
these two mechanisms which serve quite different purposes
(implementation elucidation vs interface description), especially if the
comment is taken from *some other implementation*.

4. Certainly fine by me.

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