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Date 2008-03-18.07:15:56
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> I tried to fix this problem, but I'm not sure how to fix this.

Quick observation...

// Possible Solution

1. Convert err->text to console compatible encoding (not to source
encoding like in python2.x) where PyTokenizer_RestoreEncoding is there.

2. err->text is UTF-8, actual output is done in
Python/pythonrun.c(print_error_text), so adjust offset there.

// Solution requires...
  - PyUnicode_DecodeUTF8 in Python/pythonrun.c(err_input) should
    be changed to some kind of "bytes" API.

  - The way to write "bytes" to File object directly is needed.

  - The way to know actual byte length of given unicode + encoding.

// Experimental patch

Attached as experimental patch of solution 2. Looks agly, but
seems working on my environment.
 (I assumed get_length_in_bytes(f, " ", 1) == 1 but I'm not sure
  this is always true in other platforms. Probably nicer and more
  general solution may exist)
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