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Date 2008-02-13.14:09:16
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>Which compiler are you using? And which errors did you get?

VC6 + PSDK2003Feb. The error was same to

E:\Microsoft\PSDK\Include\ws2tcpip.h(593) : error C2632: 'int'
followed by 'int' is illegal 

>causes another conflicts between winsock.h and winsock2.h
>this time.

This was not true. This error happened because pyconfig.h defines
socklen_t to int on VC6. I could fix this and build python with VC6 +
winsock2. Probably this is way to go. (Attached patch as passed other than test_float (this is because VC6 doesn't
support NaN comparation, I don't care)

# I'm still missing my 500MB disk space occupied by PSDK2003Feb though ;-)
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