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Date 2008-01-27.02:11:15
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Great, Ray.

I don't see any test cases for the nntp library in the Lib/test/ directory.
How can we make sure it works on the buildbots?


On Jan 25, 2008 12:49 PM, Ray Chason <> wrote:

> Ray Chason added the comment:
> Here's take 2.
> The pre-patch NNTP class has a long and complicated constructor.  Rather
> than duplicate this constructor in NNTP_SSL, the patch converts most of
> the NNTP class to a new class, NNTPBase, which takes an
> already-connected socket as a parameter.  NNTP and NNTP_SSL both inherit
> NNTPBase and create that socket in their own respective ways.
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