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Author hoffman
Date 2006-09-06.12:48:54
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The suggestion is to add something roughly like this:

def print_full_exception(type, value, traceback, file):
.   _print(sys.stderr, 'Traceback (most recent call
.   print_stack(traceback.tb_frame.f_back, file=file)
.   print_tb(traceback, file=file)
.   lines = format_exception_only(type, value)
.   for line in lines[:-1]:
.       _print(file, line, ' ')
.   _print(file, lines[-1], '')

to the traceback module, to print the exception not
just downward from the calling point, but also upward
all the way to the top of the stack. This would be
useful in, e.g. logging, where exceptions are caught
and printed, but right now no information is given as
to where they occurred in user code.
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