Author josiahcarlson
Date 2005-05-27.19:22:45
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Pardon me for believing that your RFE was applicable to any
object with an __lshift__ method.  Being that you did not
explicitly state that it was for integers only, merely that
you did use it with integers.

Regardless, changing integers to support negative shifts
would imply that floats should also support negative shifts,
and that all objects supporting __(l|r)shift__ methods also
support negative shifts.  One of Python's strengths is about
consistancy, my rude friend, not merely about your
particular use case for negative shifts.

You should also realize that because this would be a new
feature, it would have to wait until Python 2.5, which has
at least a year before it is to be released.  Are you
willing to wait a year to use this?  If not, you should get
the source for 2.4, modify it as you see fit, and run your
own version.

If waiting a year for 2.5 and for your change to maybe be
included or running your own version of 2.4 is not
sufficient, then you have a serious problem on your hands,
and no one here can help you.
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