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Author dyoo
Date 2002-08-26.18:24:42
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The location of the url-handling functions are
distributed among several modules, and it would be good
to consolidate them to make them easier to find.

The urlparse.urlparse() function splits an url into its
relative pieces.  However, it does not parse out the
query string into a dictionary --- that role is played
by cgi.parse_qs().  And to convert a dictionary back to
a query string, the programmer needs to know that that
function is in urllib.urlencode.

It would be nice to have cgi.parse_qs() and
urllib.urlencode() in a unified place, within in the
urlparse module if appropriate.  This will help reduce
the amount of hunting-and-pecking that beginners do
when they're trying to deal with URLs.


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