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Author montulli
Date 2005-02-22.19:04:55
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This problem is described well by this post from '03

The problem still seems to exist.  The solution
described within the post will not work in all cases
because if you do not call  PyEval_ReleaseLock then
other threads will be deadlocked, and if you do call
PyEval_ReleaseLock, the thread that originally called
InitThreads will be deadlocked.  The only work around
that I have found so far is to use a separate thread
that will never call scripts call InitThreads and then
 PyEval_ReleaseLock.  After that all threads will run
correctly, but the thread that originally called
InitThreads cannot run python.

Feel free to contact me for any other details, or call
me a bonehead if I screwed something up.  lou a
montulli o org
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