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Author benites
Date 2004-03-26.16:16:57
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I'm running OSF1 V5.1 1885 alpha, 
Compaq C V6.4-014 on Compaq Tru64 UNIX V5.1A (Rev. 1885)
Compiler Driver V6.4-215 (sys) cc Driver
Compaq C++ V6.2-024 for Compaq Tru64 UNIX V5.1A (Rev. 1885)

I used the following configure command:

CC=cc ./configure --without-gcc --with-cxx=/usr/bin/cxx \

When I compile the first module I see the following
error messages:

/usr/bin/cxx -pthread -c -ieee -std -Olimit 1500
   -I. -I./Include  -DPy_BUILD_CORE -o Modules/ccpython.o \
cxx: Severe: invalid std option:
cxx: Info: 1 catastrophic error detected in this
cxx: Info: Compilation terminated.
make: *** [Modules/ccpython.o] Error 1

If I remove the -std option or use the -std1 option it
will compile without error. 

Any suggestions?

-- Bob Benites
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