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Date 2008-01-10.04:35:35
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All in all, Decimal is the odd man out -- it may never become a full
member of the Real ABC. The built-in types complex, float and int (and
long in 2.x) all support mixed-mode arithmetic, and this is one of the
assumptions of the numeric tower -- and of course of mathematics. The
new Rational type can be designed to fit in this system pretty easily,
because it has no pre-existing constraints; but the Decimal type
defies coercion, and is perhaps best left alone. It's already breaking
the commonly understood properties of equality, e.g. 1.0 == 1 ==
Decimal("1") != 1.0.


On Jan 9, 2008 7:51 PM, Mark Dickinson <> wrote:
> Mark Dickinson added the comment:
> Allowing automatic coercion to and from Decimal sounds dangerous and
> complicated to me.  Mightn't it be safer just to disallow this (at least for
> now)?
> I think something like trim()  (find the closest rational approximation with
> denominator bounded by a given integer) would be useful to have as a Rational
> method, but probably only for explicit use.
> I'm still worried about equality tests:  is it possible to give a good reason
> why Decimal("2.5") == Rational(5, 2) should return False, while Rational(5, 2)
> == 2.5 returns True.  Can someone articulate some workable principle that
> dictates when an int/float/complex/Rational/Decimal instance compares equal to
> some other int/float/complex/Rational/Decimal instance of possibly different
> type but the same numerical value?
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